Our main aim is to operate with the best manufacturers to supply guaranteed best quality equipment available for every customized application and excellent service to our customers in the shortest possible time.

ACI is the solution provider for standard and special applications in different industries in which compressed air is a key element of production processes. We provide our customers with customized technical concepts in order to build efficient, robust compressors tailored to their respective needs.



We also adapt, adjust or rebuild standard components to make them available in special applications, such as drilling, firefighting, marine, pneumatic transport, trains and buses, coal mining and so forth.

In our workshop we test many of the supplied solutions and support our customers during concept, design, and start-up phases. Our engineers travel to customers’ facilities in order to clarify all details and discuss all required steps to ensure the success of the project. Our customers profit from purchasing all components from one supplier - not only due to all components being delivered at once, but also to the reduction of stock costs. Furthermore, they benefit on the commercial side, saving logistics costs and simplifying the supply chain.