Filters and filter elements

All oil filters (particle, oil and active coal) are created in classes 1 to 5 in accordance with the norms determined by ISO 8753/1, and offer ideal and economical protection for every compressed air installation. In the cases of coalescence or depth filters, mats of micro fibre are used, whose delicate fibres are organized in a way similar to relatively thick paper. There are no pores that are defined by shape or size. As a result, there is no defined pore structure, as there is, for instance with surface filters. Due to the simultaneous operation of the three filtration mechanisms – direct collision, inertial impact and diffusion – the oil and water particles are separated safely up to a size of 0,01μm. The flow of the filtration element occurs from the inside to the outside.

We offer filters ranging from 0, 5 to 250 m³/min and also filters and filter elements for competitive products like Donaldson (Donaldson Filtration Deutschland GmbH) and others.