Oil free screw compressors

Oil-free screw compressors work, as the name suggests, without any oil in the compression chamber. Compression work is done by two rotors which never touch each other. To ensure this, the rotation movement is coordinated by a synchronizing gear box separated from the compression chamber by a special sealing arrangement. As the compressors work without any oil in the compression chamber, the compressed-air temperature is much higher than in the oil-injected screw compressors. With these, two stages are needed in order to reach higher pressures than 3,5 barg. Oil-free screw compressors have been used in countless applications over the past decades, gradually replacing oil-injected screw compressors on the market. For the following industries, oil-free screw compressors have become indispensable: food production, electronic industry, textile industry, for glass and ceramics production, for pneumatic transportation and many others.

Depending on the application, the requested discharge pressures are located in the range between1,5 barg and 11 barg. Oil-free screw compressors are mostly built in the power range between 22 kW and 400 kW.

The major benefits for our customers include:

  • 100% oil-free compressed air
  • Energy savings through highest efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Low noise level
  • Easy & convenient maintenance
  • User friendly control system
  • High quality

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