New Products

We have been working on more new products this year and are proud to introduce new screw airends in the DG-Series family. This range of products enjoys a very good reputation in the market. In order to meet further market requirements, we have developed oil-injected screw airends with integrated gearboxes. These products are mainly used in mobile compressors, but also for special projects in many branches of industry such as drilling rigs, compressors for mining... The new screw airends can be used in the motor power range of 22-132 kW.

The following screw airends include following sizes:

- DG79G1 for the range 18.5 - 45.0 kW

- DG90G2 for the range 22.0 - 55.0 kW

- DG128G2 for the range 75.0 - 132.0 kW