Adsorption dryers

Adsorption dryers are necessary to reach pressure dew points ranging from -20°C to -70°C. Especially when the compressed air system is exposed to temperatures below freezing point or when a particularly low pressure dew point is essential for a given application.

The air is led through a container filled with desiccants, where the steam adsorbs on the surface. The desiccants can be regenerated over and over again, and therefore be re-used. The dryers are equipped with two adsorption containers. The compressed air supply is shifted in a way that one container can dry while the other container regenerates the desiccant.

 We highly recommend the usage of pre- and after-filters when working with adsorption dryers.


  • low investment costs
  • modest maintenance costs (due to the simple method of construction and user-friendly handling)
  • straightforward installation and maintenance
  • compact space-saving design which perfectly adjusts to every working area
  • constant pressure dew point
  • guaranteed maximum reliability!
  • accomplishes pressure dew points from -20°C to -70°C
  • pressure indicator for tank pressure
  • mounted operation panel on front side
  • simple installation: completely pre-assembled, piped and wired, for the direct acquisition of a tested, fully functional device