Air filters

In just one cubic meter of air, there are millions of particles potentially harmful to your machines and equipment. These are primarily made up of dust, bacteria, viruses, smoke, fumes, hydrocarbons, water, oil and other industrial contaminants.

To be able to filter these contaminants and therefore save your equipment from further damage, it economically it makes sense to incorporate compressed air treatment into your compressed air system. As the benefits outweigh the costs, it will probably be only a small fraction of your total business investments.

Since the air filter does not only increase the degree of purification of the sucked in air but also protects the screw airend, it must be replaced in certain time intervals, otherwise the working potential of the compressor deteriorates.

The air filters we supply are suitable for continuous use at ambient temperatures from -40 ° C to + 100 ° C. Short peaks of up to +120 ° C are possible.