Piston Compressors

In this context, piston compressors are the pioneers of compression technology. With the help of a cylinder, a connecting rod, a crankshaft, and a crankcase, the surrounding air is aspirated and compressed, as a result of upward movements of the air pump.


The compression itself can be carried out in numerus stages. Single-staged piston compressors are mainly applied in low-pressure areas up to 10 bar. Double-staged piston compressors – the first stage pre-compresses, the second stage recompresses – accomplish 10 to 15 bar. Three- and four-staged piston compressors are applied in areas where high pressure is necessary. For example so-called breathing air compressors (filtration required), with pressures over 200 bar.


We offer piston compressors…

  • whose pressure ranges between 6 and 300 bar
  • oil injected and oil free
  • driven directly or via V-belt
  • equipped with an electrical drive or a combustion engine
  • for interminent or continuous operation on base frame or container
  • as a booster (if the pressure of the present compressed air system is not sufficient because of a new application, it is possible to subsequently increase the ultimate pressure with the help of a booster)

…of a brand of your choice.