Oil-injected screw compressors

The kind of compression achieved by screw compressors is distinct from that won by piston compressors. Regarding screw compressors, the compressed air is produced according to the rotational-compression principle. The compression is achieved through two asymmetrically profiled rotors. Since the mid-nineties, this procedure of air compression has been indispensable.

Thanks to a lack of oscillating masses and steering devices, screw compressors are conveniently small-sized (as opposed to piston compressors) and offer calm running and a pulsation-free, even facilitation. Thus, screw compressors are employed particularly in those fields where there is a continuous need for large amounts of compressed air, up to a pressure of 15 bar.

We offer you screw compressors…

  • whose pressure ranges from 7 to 15 bar
  • that are oil-injected or oil-free
  • driven directly or via V-belt
  • equipped with an electronical drive or a combustion engine
  • as stand-alone device or mounted on a container or on a container with a dryer for compressed air treatment

…of a brand of your choice.


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