Cold regenerating adsorption dryers

Cold regenerating adsorption dryers of the types DKC/HHL protect compressed air installations and processes by cooling the air to the pressure dew point of -40°C (optionally up to -70°C). Depending on the working conditions, available energy sources for regeneration, as well as required dew point, we can offer many various types of desiccant dryers.

Description of functioning: water molecules, after the adsorption by a desiccant, need to be removed from the dryer during the process of regeneration. The regeneration method is to be selected according to available energy sources and operating conditions.


Advantages                                                                                                                                                            Type HHL901

  • Low costs of investment
  • Low costs of operation
  • Easy installation and maintenance service
  • Compact design
  • Stable and constant dew point
  • High reliability
  • Pressure dew point within the range of -20°C to -70°C
  • Complete unit including dryer, inlet filter and dust filter